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“VIVAGA” was the product of creative brainstorming that focussed on exploring love through photographs & films. 

Our earnest intention was to create honest images, that reflected conversations beyond words! Our professional journey kick-started in 2016 and since then, we have lived for these moments that can be beautifully frozen as an alluring testimony for numerous years ahead.


The wedding or couple photo-shoot is a process we intricately work on, striving to express the depths of connectivity and love that unfolds.

Inspired by a single vision that your stories reflect who you are, our artistic direction moves along the framework of procuring images that encapsulate the warmth of the emotions, energy and significant moments that the D-day witnesses.

Our style of visual storytelling extends the benefit of being a moving and personally connectable memorabilia, which when viewed even many years later, walks you through the memory lane as if it were a brilliant time-travel to the original day.

We guarantee that our work will emanate the raw, clean and honest vibes of every moment captured and give you a soulful set of memories to forever cherish.


— Young Minds to cater to your Needs
—  Systematic
—  No compromise on Quality

—  Timely Delivery
—  Creative

—  Transparent mode of operations



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